The 4T Difference

Personalised Referral Assessment

At 4thought Psychology we take great care to ensure each client is matched with the most appropriate provider based on their individual presenting concerns. 

We know that trust between client and therapist is foundational for an effective therapeutic relationship. Rapport is also paramount; especially for small children, adolescents and clients that feel especially vulnerable

Our team of providers comprises Registered Psychologists, Clinical Psychologists, Provisional Psychologists, Counsellors, and Life Coaches, offering broad expertise, passion, and life experience. Each focuses their practice in particular areas, specialising to work with differing clinical presentations, therapeutic approaches, and stages of life development to provide individuals, and their families, a range of options to support their journey through life.  

Our intake process begins with each client providing a summary of their background and reasons for engagement via our confidential online forms. We use these insights to review, evaluate, and match your needs against the clinical scope, therapeutic skill and working style of those in our team.

Our approach enhances the effectiveness of your engagement and ensures the work you do, the techniques, and therapeutic tools explored with your provider are reflective of the very best care in your individual circumstances.  

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An environment designed to comfort and uplift.

As a holistic practice we acknowledge the combined impact physical health, lifestyle factors and external environment can have on mood and emotional well-being. 4thought has been intentionally and thoughtfully designed to create a therapeutic experience that stimulates and rejuvenates the spirit, a place of honesty and intrinsic healing for the individual and the family unit. Our space truly is one of a kind!

We invite you to meet our therapy animals – bunnies Benjamin, Blueberry and Snookums, or discover our lush, leafy garden, games and play equipment during your sessions. These special touches, along with our cosy consultation rooms, come together to create a softer, non-clinical ambience where clients of all ages are encouraged to relax, feel safe and at home, supporting a more comfortable overall experience. Our environment can be particularly impactful for kids, assisting to make the therapeutic process feel inviting and calm and normal,  alleviating any stigma or initial fears they may have around opening up and receiving professional support.

A commitment to innovation and creativity in practice

Our team operates with a mindset of growth and continued improvement, where knowledge and learning are lifelong endeavours. 

As a team we actively and excitedly explore and share new approaches and therapeutic tools to powerfully assist people in positively impacting their lives. 

We aren’t afraid to look and think outside the box when determining what support our clients might need, and how we can assist the wider community in promoting better mental health. 

We strategically curate the talent and expertise within our team, beginning with standout Provisional Psychologists that impress us with their fresh approaches and thirst for the latest advances in research and therapeutic tools, through to Clinical Psychologists, Counsellors, Life Coaches and Social Workers, with an accumulated professional knowledge from their years of practice.  We nurture growth and potential within our team, supporting the individual personal and professional development of our team of providers, to consistently elevate our services and work collaboratively as a broad range of mental health professionals, recognising that one approach does not fit all.  

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