​​Request an Appointment

If you would like to seek support from one of our mental health providers, please submit your details here. We will then arrange to send you an Intake Form and begin the process of securing you an appointment.

We compassionately acknowledge the extremely high demand for services across our industry. 4thought is committed to minimising client wait times and our team makes every effort to offer you the first vacancy with a suitable provider. Your flexibility and consideration of appointments which fall outside your ideal availability may assist us in offering you support sooner. 

To extend immediate care to our waitlisted clients, 4thought’s providers have developed a useful Mental Health Resource Guide outlining practical exercises, as well as services which offer phone and online support, which may provide some initial assistance while we work to secure you a time. We will happily share a link to this information when we email your Intake Form. 

4Thought also runs group workshops and seminars tackling common mental health concerns. These equip participants with insights and practical tools which can be deployed as needed to assist in managing anxiety and coping more effectively with life’s challenges. Learn More

Want more information? Get in touch with us for all enquiries