Professional Development & Pathway Program

Senior Providers

4thought acknowledges the undeniable wisdom that Senior providers bring to our practice, through their accumulated professional knowledge, talent, and professional maturity. 4thought’s reputation as highly regarded practice is strengthened by the overall skill in our team, making us the first choice for many of our referrers. 

We offer Senior Providers opportunities to give clients, and their more junior colleagues, the benefit of their years of experience, whilst allowing them plenty of scope to further explore and invest in expanding their own skills in areas that interest them. Some of the investments we offer are:

  • Mentoring roles
  • Clinical Supervisor Roles
  • Collaborative senior case review discussions 
  • Professional development opportunities in areas of professional interest (i.e., EMDR, IFS, polyvagal and trauma exercises, EFT, or the developing workshops and seminars)
  • Support and encouragement in pursuit of their passions, creating diversity and texture in their work.

Provisional & Established Providers

4thought is committed to investing in and working with the next generation of Mental Health Care Providers. New graduates, provisional providers, and those in the first few years following their full registration bring fresh insight, energy, curiosity, enthusiasm, and new therapeutic approaches, and as a team we all benefit from this expansion of ideas.

Continued excellence comes from an ongoing focus on professional challenge, growth, and development. 4thought offers its providers opportunity to work alongside and receive supportive mentoring and supervision from highly qualified senior therapists.  Our team places an emphasis on a free exchange of ideas and clinical experiences to stimulate discussion and help advance individual professional knowledge bases. The immense value of these collaborative discussions and skill sharing inspired 4thought to set aside a dedicated forum – sparking creation of the Pathway Professional Development Program.

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