Specialist Therapies

EMDR: Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing

EMDR is attracting a lot of buzz out there, both in the media and in general discussion around mental health treatment options, and with good reason. Backed by 25 years of rigorous clinical research, it is being hailed as one of the most significant breakthroughs in the treatment of anxiety and trauma related problems. EMDR works on the principle that cellular memory, trauma, and emotional pain are stored in the body the same way physical pain is. EMDR triggers the body’s in-built trauma processing capabilities to unlock and process “stuck” subconscious events or beliefs that may impede or complicate our ability to heal. 

Unlike other psychological treatment options EMDR does not rely on talk therapy to get results. Instead, therapists lead clients through a process that activates their ability to release and distance themselves from disturbing feelings and experiences, helping to reframe their recall without the same negative emotional charge and response.

Animal Assisted Therapy

Working with animals in therapeutic practice can be extremely powerful. As well as being extremely cute, animals have huge potential to teach us about ourselves. They offer non-threatening, guided opportunities to reflect on and work through our history, emotional state, cognitive functioning, behaviours, relationship dynamics, attachment styles, and social skills.

Here at 4thought we are fortunate to work alongside a few very special furry friends, our resident bunnies Benjamin, Blueberry and Snookums. The feedback we receive from clients around our offer of Animal Assisted Therapy is overwhelming positive, and they often cite the animals’ presence at the practice, and their involvement in client sessions, as one of the genuine highlights of their therapeutic experience.

Play Therapy

Through play children learn, develop essential life skills, and make sense of the world around them. Play gives them freedom to role play, explore social dynamics, and lose themselves in the moment, and for children who may need counselling or emotional support Play Therapy harnesses this magical child’s way of thinking and method of expression. It gives children a vehicle to communicate feelings and describe their internal emotional world in a non-threatening way. In using toys and games instead of a singular reliance on talk therapy, which they may struggle with, Play Therapy helps the therapist connect with a child in a meaningful way, forging trust, and providing gentle reassurance in the therapeutic relationship.

Our environment at 4thought naturally lends itself to engaging kids in Play Therapy. Indoors there are a range of toys, crafts and games that can spark their interest, but it’s the outdoor space we find kids really respond to. Whether it’s getting their hands dirty in the therapeutic garden, observing the bunnies frolic happily in their enclosure, shooting a few hoops on the basketball court, or bouncing it out on the trampoline, there are so many options for kids to find the space they feel most comfortable in during their sessions at 4thought.

Group Workshops

4thought is fiercely passionate about promoting robust mental health in our community. In a time when there is a greater need for this than ever before, our desire is to offer accessible, affordable avenues for mental health education, support, and empowerment to as many as we can. 

4thought Psychology is extremely proud to host a range of seminars and workshops expertly developed by our team of mental health providers and wellbeing partners.

These workshops teach participants practical strategies for tackling common concerns and stressors which can impact our mental health, helping individuals take proactive steps to self-manage a range of issues they may find themselves faced with, now and into the future.

Full details about the sessions we currently offer can be found here

Yoga & Movement Therapy

Now more than ever, science recognises the power of the Mind/Body connection and how physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing are inextricably linked. Yoga therapy taps into this. Widely recognised to enhance, improve, and maintain overall health and wellbeing, the physical poses, breathwork, meditation and mindfulness of a yoga practice beautifully compliment any therapeutic work you engage in on your journey towards overall better mental health. 

People may seek Yoga Therapy to help them manage conditions such as anxiety, depression, emotional disturbance, and insomnia, or to ease symptoms associated with chronic conditions such as arthritis, chronic fatigue, restless leg syndrome or high blood pressure. The goal is to bring the Individual back to wholeness and create balance in their life.

Louise Godfrey of Sri Yoga is a specialist teacher of yoga practice and offers regular group classes, individually focused sessions, and opportunities to participate in immersive workshops, all exploring the fundamentals of this powerful ancient wisdom.  

To enquire about whether Yoga Therapy can support you, please visit https://www.sriyoganmeditation.com.au.

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