Parents & Families

We can help with:
  • Managing expectations versus the reality of parenthood
  • Mindful parenting & attachment
  • Negative & unhelpful thinking patterns
  • Parental roles
  • Parental support
  • Parenting conflict
  • Understanding the transition to parenthood
  • Bereavement & coping with losses that come with parenthood
  • Co-parenting
  • Depression (including post-natal depression)
  • Family relationship restoration
  • Family systems
  • Guilt
  • Anger management
4thought psychology provides information and confidential support to help parents build their confidence, reduce anxiety, stress, and learn strategies to best support their children’s social, emotional and educational development. New and expectant parents can benefit by learning more about the emotional relationship challenges that most commonly arise around the time of pregnancy and birth, and from personalised counselling around issues related to their individual transition to parenthood.
4thought’s Top Tips for Mums & Dads:
​​​1. Recharge
Taking time to recharge your batteries is a priority whether this be half an hour sitting alone in the sun or grabbing a coffee and reading the paper, regular planned and “in the diary” time for yourself is essential. If babysitters are too expensive and extended family are not around, try a roster system with close friends or neighbours with children where you take turns to give each other a break.
​2. Reframe guilt
Often guilt is of the unhealthy variety – this means that we feel we are to blame for something we didn’t actually do wrong.  Guilt is often anger or sadness in disguise.  Ask yourself: do you feel angry or sad and if the answer is yes, then deal with the issue at hand. If we reframe our guilt as regret, we feel more at ease as there is no longer an element of blame.
3. Accept your limitations
We mums can be really hard on ourselves- we sometimes set ourselves unrealistic goals and then when we are unable to achieve them, beat ourselves up. Be a friend to yourself and understand and accept your human limitations. Striving for perfection is a sure recipe for failure.
4. Stop Competing
Live in your own comfort zone- do what feels comfortable for you without comparing to others. There will always be someone who looks like they are doing it better than you. Mums can be competitive at times- we all have value to add but in our own individual, unique and diverse ways.
​5. Find time for fun
Something to look forward to like a short break with the family or a fun activity is what keeps all of us going at times. Not everything for our kids has to be educational, serious or healthy- let’s break the rules once in a while, ok?
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